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Elite Sculptor--Zhijun Wang
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1 Brief Introduction

 2 Experience

Wang joins our company at the beginning of this year.  Previously he worked for the biggest ceramic polyresin factory in Dehua city for nearly 8 years, Dehua is a famous town in producing ceramic and polyresin handicrafts.  Up to now, he has been working in this line for 13 years.   With experience accumulating step by step, year by year, he is now already one of the best chief sculptors in ceramic and polyresin line.  He is especially good at sculpturing figurines, including abstract art, realistic styles, animals, cartoon figurines, human figurines and so on.

Currently, OEM becomes the main stream in our ceramic polyresin line, and when we receive an order of custom designs, it requires our sculptor to make out the exact similar model as the picture shows.  It is not an easy job, but Wang very enjoy it.  He keeps challenging himself in doing fine art, and most of his works receive warm affirmative from our clients.  Here below are some good jobs he has done.

3 Attitude

While he has a good experience and skills, he also has a good and responsible personality.  He remains modest for the every comment from others, and always believes that "Success will only follow those who pursuits excellent even for smallest details." For OEM projects in ceramic polyresin line, customer requirement and satisfaction come first to us.  During the process, he will give his own thought to make the model increasingly better. Most of our clients find his advice helpful and believe in our team's excellence. 

4 Epilogue

In view to Wang's contribution that improving our quality to a new high level, so I write this to introduce him to our website visitors so that you could have a better understanding of the busines we are pursuiting---"To be Excellent". 


We have the best sculptor here, and our team is all here at your service.

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